Trinity Offering

About Us

We are a close knit church within a community with a long and proud tradition. Here you can read about our group that makes things possible.

Temporary Pastor: Travis Panning

Jenn Uher: Office/Financial Secretary

Lois Wattjes

Lois Wattjes: Treasurer

Kathy Stokebrand

Kathy Stokebrand: Organist

Donna Garrison

Donna Garrison: Custodian

Steve Garrison

Steve Garrison: Custodian

Council: Yvonne Rahe, Lois Wattjes (Treasurer), Amy Stokebrand (Secretary), Brian Scherling (Vice President), Byron Beerenstrauch, Cody Wollenburg, Duane Wollenburg (President), Joel Kaelin, Pastor Sean Koos, Jesse Gronemeyer 

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